• Price: $90.00/g
  • Description

    Equivalency: 40 mL = 5 grams

    Starting Dose: 0.25 mL

    Carrier Oil: MCT Oil (Coconut Oil)

    Solution % Policy: Direct Conversion (30mg/ml = 30%)

    Mettrum Yellow Oils are made from a unique strain of cannabis where the predominant cannabinoid produced is CBD (with very little THC). Mettrum Yellow Cannabis Oil is made from a hybrid strain and is standardized to CBD concentration. Mettrum produces cannabis extracts using supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology. All cannabis extracts are mixed with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil - a highly stable, flavourless and odourless oil that is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and natural products industry.

    Mettrum has used an equivalency factor of 8 in the formulation of all cannabis oil products. Our 40 mL bottle of cannabis oil is equivalent to 5 g of dried cannabis. Therefore, 1 g of dried cannabis is equivalent to 8 mL of oil. However, the effects of oral and inhaled administration are very different and the equivalency factor should not be used to establish an oral dose – it is simply used as a method of calculating your authorized monthly prescribed amount.

    Oil Dosing Guidance

    This cannabis oil is designed for ingestion, can easily be consumed with food and is a safe alternative to inhalation. It’s important to start low and go slow, as it may take 1-2 hours or longer to begin feeling the effects of cannabis oil after consumption, and the effects may last 6-10 hours or more. This product comes with a 1 mL syringe and helpful information for precise dosing.

    $1 from every bottle of cannabis oil sold at Tweed Main Street goes towards our education fund, including supporting a national campaign on cannabis and safe driving with MADD and the CDPC.

    • <1 mg/mL
    • 20 mg/mL
  • Details

    • Name: Yellow Cannabis Oil - 40mL
    • Traditional Name: CBD Godbud 2
    • Type: Hybrid
    • Ratio: High CBD
    • Product Type: Oil
  • Producer

    Tweed is a Canadian company established to supply an unmatched selection of premium medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea and loss of appetite. We believe in providing only reliable, high quality products, and strive to do so with the utmost empathy, compassion, professionalism and integrity.

Strain Attributes

Yellow Cannabis Oil - 40mL Is Most Commonly Used to Treat:

  • Very Effective 11 out of 44 patients
  • Somewhat Effective 15 out of 44 patients
  • Ineffective 18 out of 44 patients
  • Very Effective 1 out of 4 patients
  • Somewhat Effective 1 out of 4 patients
  • Ineffective 2 out of 4 patients
  • Very Effective 1 out of 2 patients
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 2 patients
  • Ineffective 1 out of 2 patients
  • Very Effective 1 out of 1 patient
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Ineffective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Very Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Ineffective 1 out of 1 patient
Last updated 09/23/2018


  • Pain Relief

    10/21 Patients
  • Relaxed

    6/21 Patients
  • Focused

    5/21 Patients
  • Sleepy

    5/21 Patients
  • Dry Mouth

    4/21 Patients
Last updated 09/23/2018



56 Patients

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