• Price: $130.00/g
  • Description

    Equivalency: 40 mL = 10 grams

    Starting Dose: 1mL

    Carrier Oil: Sunflower Oil

    Solution % Policy: Actual Solution Percentage (30mg/ml = 3%). All oil/capsules available to all patients unless oil is specifically prohibited

    Oil produced from our renowned, CBD rich Avidekel, known to have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and seizure reduction properties. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound.


    We recommend starting with a dose no greater than 1.0 ml.
    Be sure to increase dosage in very small increments.

    • It will likely take 45 - 90 minutes before you begin to feel the effects
    • The peak effects are often not achieved for up to 2 hours
    • Effects can be felt for up to 6 - 8 hours

    How to administer:

    Each bottle comes with its own dropper marked with dose amounts in millilitres (ml). Squeeze the measured amount under your tongue and let the oil rest there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 

    Cannabis extracts are fat soluble, so try to take with a small snack to promote absorption. An empty stomach may minimize the effects.*
    *Effects vary on an individual basis

    • <2 mg/mL
    • 22 - 30 mg/mL
  • Details

    • Name: Avidekel Oil - 40mL - MedReleaf
    • Traditional Name: Avidekel
    • Type: Indica
    • Ratio: High CBD
    • Product Type: Oil
  • Producer

    Aurora Cannabis is a community minded, Canadian owned and operated company. Nestled in the shadow of the Rockies in Mountain View County, our plants are carefully brought to harvest in our purpose-built 55,200 square foot facility. Fed with water from the Canadian Rockies, cared for in a state-of-the-art facility designed to produce the cleanest, safest medical cannabis available on the market, we're proud of our facility, our team, and our product. Cultivating, harvesting, and selling Canadian Medical Marijuana, Aurora is your best chance to experience the healing power of nature.

Strain Attributes

Avidekel Oil - 40mL - MedReleaf Is Most Commonly Used to Treat:

  • Very Effective 1 out of 2 patients
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 2 patients
  • Ineffective 1 out of 2 patients
  • Very Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Somewhat Effective 1 out of 1 patient
  • Ineffective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Very Effective 1 out of 1 patient
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Ineffective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Very Effective 1 out of 1 patient
  • Somewhat Effective 0 out of 1 patient
  • Ineffective 0 out of 1 patient
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  • Sleepy

    1/1 Patient
Last updated 06/12/2021



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